Blazer meaning of the word, and Officers of the Court and the court of Safavid and Qajar periods assigned to deliver news was heard. Turkish word “current” means voice and singin(Astarabadi, p. 134; Ghiyasuddin Rampur, cheerful, following “Jar”) of the Mongol period and patriarch seen in Persian sources.

Blazer position you apart from the Safavid, Qajar court once again the leading positions, and the owner is often on trips king as well as welcoming foreign guests attended.

The position existed under Ottoman rule (see, for example, Hummer Pvrgshtal, vol. 3, p. 88, 226, 232, vol. 4, p. 240, translated Persian, vol. 2, p. 1020, 1138, 1143, vol. 3, p 1610).
The writing Abdullah Exchequer (vol. 1, pp. 382, ​​413), to the late Qajar be Blazer position existed but with the release of the first Persian newspaper during the Shah (inscribed:12,501,264) and change the way broadcasting, this position gradually its importance lost (“first newspaper printed in Iran’s Farsi”, p. 49; Exchequer, vol. 1, p. 413).

When the newspaper was not published in Iran on a regular basis, Blazer and important content to hear people killed and people had to rely Blazer said. Blazer Blazer head to be called.

Jarchyan tasks in this period was:
Call troops from various cities and towns to participate in the war and bring the news to the people or the king during his stay cool (Afvshth Yi, p. 288; Jnabdy, pp. 653, 788; Della Valle, p 297298) announcement of amnesty public or punish the people of the conquered areas (Jnabdy, p. 662; Alexander clerk, vol. 1, pp. 197, 340); preserves the path of the king and his shrine in the city and asking people for the presence or absence on the track (Olearius, Page 217 ; Nasiri, p. 94; Hnrfr, p. 137); the announcement of the death of famous people and prestigious (Jamali, Kerman Karrer, p. 27), with commodity prices after the government set them (Ibid; Kmpfr, pp. 154, 156) and Play any other news to the public knowing it was considered necessary.
Jarchyan in the news, the aid group called “Tvachyan” had also, even Astarabadi (Page 109) Tvachy equivalent Blazer is known, but it seems contrary to the Blazer, which has had diverse responsibilities and the general duty of the State Tvachyan the military was limited. In resources, tasks such as getting the commands of the king or the commander of the army, the army calls from different lands to gather at a specific location, determine the location and placement of each army corps in combat, deployment of the army and the San describe it, Tvachyan attributed (see, for example Abdul Samarkand, vol. 2, part 2, p. 862, part 3, p. 1254, 1258, 1288; Tehrani, vol. 2, p 364 365; Babur, vol. 1, p. 407, 516, 524; Khandmir, vol. 3, p. 605, vol. 4, p. 486; King Hussein bin Ghiyasuddin Muhammad, p. 319; Nasiri, p. 33 34). Abdul Samarkand (vol. 2, part 2, p. 700) on the events of 841, the Court Tvachy named Abu Bakr Tehrani (vol. 2, p. 426) the Court referred Tvajyan Emirate.

Bath historical information to be Blazer:
Blazer located near a mosque in Isfahan based on historical inscriptions of the mosque, apparently in the year 1019 AH. AH along with the mosque building, has been built by King Sultan Shah Abbas I’ve Blazer With supreme effort this person (Malik Sultan Blazer be) a huge monuments around the square in the world, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the mosque of the world (King), Palace Qapu Palace and Chehel, housed, mansion eight Paradises Hakim Mosque, four other important buildings of the mosque called Blazer, Blazer bath, house Blazer Blazer Vkakh made public and used the Grft.hm All three elementary building products Vkakh Blazer is completely gone.
with each other and even recreation and swimming are also addressed.
The brightness of the openings provided on the domed bathroom has been built, this glass convex lens-shaped openings there. This feature convex glass in addition to avoid energy waste, causing refraction and lighting plays. In fact, engineers and architect of vitality magnifying glass, and vice-versa easily have turned into the bath space.
has been dedicated.
they are best used.

Because the water level difference between reservoirs and ponds and fountains, and to circulate circulate the water, the pipes have designed ramp.

During the restoration and improvement of this valuable historical monument:
Operation and restoration of traditional bathroom property belonging to the Safavid King Blazer got to use traditional restaurant and banquet hall and tourism since 1382 by Seyyed Ahmad Eftekhari at a cost of 4 billion 350 million USD began officially on 1390/12/18 was opened.

During the ceremony, the Governor of the Province, Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Isfahan province, Managing Director renovation and improvement of Isfahan Municipality and a large number of senior officials and managers of administrative and other relevant agencies, with some activists and lecturer in the field of tourism and artists attended IRIB Isfahan.
at the same site, the gallery is available.

At present, the museum reception capacity of 250 to 300 people dining at the same time is.

Construction of car parking and shops of handicrafts and souvenirs of the future projects of this collection.